The story of this company is too long, involved and crazy to fit a small blurb on a single web page :). However, what I can fit here are the highlights of its journey getting here:

  • 2010: The company goes live and releases the first version of its flagship engine HighOmega. HighOmega 1.0 is the result of two years  of hard single-handed work building an engine from scratch while juggling school work at Ryerson university. People are shocked at how small it is in comparison to its insanely long featureset.
  • 2012: We release the adventure puzzle game Ink: The Philosopher’s Well for a private beta on BigFishGames. We had by this point put HighOmega on hold and had been developing Ink for two years straight with a rather large team. Unfortunately, due to our vision mismatching market desires, it had to be dropped and operations were winded down.
  • 2015: Five years of craziness and a dropped title later, the new
    version of that same engine, HighOmega 2.0 is publicly released to the
    amazement of its audience and is lauded for its progress since the early days. It also gets to be showcased on the IRC panel at SIGGRAPH 2015. Its fluid simulator would later on get its own Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Tech-Talk.

  • 2016: TooMuchVoltage Software Inc. becomes the first ever corporate vendor to be hired directly by Autodesk Research (at least in Toronto) and the team grows again for the first time since the winding down of 2012. Thus begins TooMuchVoltage Software’s venture into consulting activities. Do not be mistaken though, we’re still very actively making games in silence ;). In fact, a mixture of HighOmega titles/projects are currently being juggled at the same time. Stay tuned.

    Photo courtesy of Ryan Schmidt
  • 2017: With the Autodesk deal in the rear view mirror… we’re once again in full focus on the stuff that matters most! The first thing to be unveiled in this post-Autodesk era was my (Baktash’s) very own breakthrough: Cascaded Sparse-Voxel Hybrid Path-Tracing with Spatial Denoising. This is a modern version of the same technique that went into HighOmega v2.0’s Voxel Outback almost two years ago. The response online has been phenomenal and this technique is slated to enter the upcoming HighOmega v3.0 release and future game releases. As with every post, I ask you to be patient and stay tuned :). Magical days are ahead! And thanks for having stayed in tune so far! We appreciate your support!